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Bondage videos

Bondage videos

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June 28 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 03:12 ]
anime bondage japanese bondage
An intense exploration in hardcore bondage.

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bondage paper
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June 27 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 13:20 ]
hentai bondage self bondage
DeviceBondage goes to the edge portraying beautiful women deriving pleasure from BDSM play while restrained with various metal, leather and wooden devices.

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bondage comics
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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 12:41 ]
bondage comics bedroom bondage
Bound in metal, sex with dildos, safe electro play, all tied up into one!

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lesbian bondage
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June 23 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 07:28 ]
water bondage women in bondage
Alexa Jordan has a terrifying day with Damon Pierce who clearly wants nothing more to lock her in unyielding iron and ratchet up the intensity level until he breaks her down completely. He secures her head into position with an iron face gag complete with a metal drool bit. He clamps her body into shackles and onto cage rungs, ensuring that she is not only humiliated, but utterly vulnerable and under complete control for the punishment to follow. The shoot is a fantastic exercise in young, tender flesh meeting cold hard iron.

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rope bondage
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June 22 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:50 ]
women in bondage bondage porn
Sabrina Fox is twisted, contorted and locked down into one severe position after another. Cyd Black designs each scenario to make it harder for Sabrina to breathe, while at the same time ratcheting up the intensity and pain with no mercy, except to provide the desperate and helpless girl an orgasm. She is bound on her back, with her knees pulled up tightly to her chest level, compressing her torso and leaving her cunt wide open for access. She's bound on her stomach and made to arch her back as Cyd holds a leather strap bound around her neck. He uses it to control her, pulling back hard on it to make her to arch up or choke and giving her slack just as she is on the edge of terror to gasp air into her oxygen starved lungs before he pulls her up again. Finally, she is strapped into a brutal version of a clam tie, her upper arms attached to her thighs and her neck to her ankles. Again she suffers and struggles to breathe, with Cyd constantly raising the bar, this time with extremely painful tiny clamps that he places all over the most sensitive areas of her exposed skin before roughly brushing them all off. Sabrina earns her rare orgasms from Cyd only as a means for him to increase the pressure as the flood of pleasure temporarily provides a release from her torment.

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bondage torture
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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:40 ]
bondage fairies female bondage
Kayden returns to Device Bondage for another shoot and receives a painful welcome back to the set. She is placed on her back, with legs spread and shackled wide apart, while her head hangs down, mouth spread, drooling and locked open with a ring gag. She is bent over and trapped in a system of metal stocks, while the flesh on her ass and lower thighs is caned as she struggles to hold on, on the verge of tears. She manages to endure being strapped into a tight frog tie, with a nose clamp pulling her nostrils up and forcing her neck back. The position itself she can take...but as the tiny, sharp, vicious little black clamps are applied to the tender skin on either side of her neck, she cannot bear and finally breaks down.


latex bondage
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Posted by bdsmsex  [ 05:53 ]
latex bondage bondage art
After members of Wired Pussy and Device Bondage made repeated requests for her to appear as a submissive on DB, Princess Donna said "bring it on." She got what she asked for. Chained, collared, shackled and on her knees, she is forced to awkwardly strip for the audience. Once naked, she is clamped to a post by her neck with all her weight resting on a sharp spiked wooden seat digging into her ass. Cyd vibrates her, bringing her to an agonizingly intense orgasm that forces her pelvis to buck involuntarily up and down on the spikes. Princess Donna starts to wonder what she has actually gotten herself into...and the show has only just started...

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bondage pictures
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June 21 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 09:57 ]
rope bondage bondage videos
DragonLily's shoot is a tit-clamping, caning, face-slapping adventure. Bent forwards, bent backwards and bent over, her body is used, abused, vibrated until it writhes and shudders in orgasmic bliss. Just when she thinks it's over, her clitoris is sucked into an electrified vacuum tube and shocked rhythmically, causing it to become swollen and engorged with blood and driving DragonLily up the wall with the intense sensation.


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June 19 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 06:51 ]
tit bondage water bondage
Andy San Dimas suffers exquisitely as cyd settles in to his director's chair to enjoy the result of his efforts. He's clearly delighted as Andy's composure and resistance slowly breaks down. In one scene, a clear ring gag mimicking a small funnel forces her mouth open and induces profuse drooling. Her arms are pulled up behind her in a strict strappado, ensuring she remains on her knees, helpless and affixed in a vulnerable, helpless and submissive posture that is immensely pleasing to the eye of bondage enthusiasts.

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June 18 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 08:52 ]
bondage hentai extreme bondage
The second half of Alexa's live show had Alexa and Delilah Strong bound to posts facing each other with a tight chains running through their crotches and over a loop connecting them to each other, ensuring any violent motion by one girl would be felt by the other in the most intimately painful manner. The girls try to hold still, but a cattle prod set on high breaks their composure immediately.

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June 16 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 04:05 ]
japanese bondage bondage fairies
Amber Rayne and Cherry Torn endured a 6+ hour long, tough live show. It's posted here if you didn't catch it the first time, or even if you did and want to see it again in the edited version along with the accompanying high resolution photographic documentation. Part 1 of 2. Note: This bonus update is being posted as a courtesy as today's regularly scheduled update will not be ready until early evening due to editing and encoding problems. The regular update will be posted later in the day once the editing team is able to fix the problem and complete it.

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June 13 2008
Posted by bdsmsex  [ 09:09 ]
bondage comics bondage torture
Later, Alexa moans through the panel gag as she lies on her back with her hands and feet strapped together and chained up in the air. She is suddenly lifted off the ground where she swings back and forth. She screams and whimpers through the gag as her ass and pussy are flogged. Once again a thick cock and a vibrator placate her, and her muffled cries turn to pleasure instead of pain.

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